Ridley College Advanced Placement Studio Art Class Opens Exhibit

The Ridley College AP Studio Art Class opened their exhibition last night in the Matthews Library.  Each student selected three works from their portfolio to display in the exhibit.  In the AP studio art class students must complete twenty-four works of art throughout the course.  Twelve works are described as “General” and cover a range of media, techniques and composition.  The other twelve pieces are described as “Concentration” works and are made in response to a specific theme. The works that are on display in the library come from the students’ Concentration component.  In order to create their “Concentration” works the students had to go through the difficult process of finding a direction for their work and establishing a voice.

Bethany Pile '12 - Ridley College
Morgynne Anthony '12 - Ridley College
Wendy Liu '12- Ridley College
Marcia D'Souza '12

Many of the young artists featured in this exhibit are going on to study art and design in the United States and Canada. The works are currently on display in the Matthews Library.