Ridley College 105th Annual Cadet Inspection

Cadets are a longstanding tradition at Ridley College and on Saturday we held our 105th annual Cadet Inspection.  The activity teaches leadership, discipline and teamwork to the students. Cadets are the only collective activity that the whole Upper School and a portion of the Lower School participate in and the students work very hard to prepare for this special day. It is quite an accomplishment to see it all come together on Inspection day and the students should be proud of the effort they put in.

The Inspecting Officer was Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Tim Hogarth of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Regiment with Mr. George C. Hendrie ’74, Chairman of the Board.

Ridley College Cadet Band

At the end of the Inspection, the entire Ridley College Cadet Corps. sang Happy Birthday to the Commanding Officer, Shannon McNally. It was a big surprise to everyone and a great way to end the Inspection!

Commading Officer of the Ridley College Cadet Corps. Shannon McNally

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Photos taken by Ms. Kubu