Mr. Jonathan Leigh’s Headmaster Portrait Unveiling

Headmaster Mr. Jonathan Leigh's portrait will hang in Great Hall

On Friday, May 25th Ridley staff, members of the Family Guild and Board of Governor’s of Ridley College gathered to honour Jonathan and Emma Leigh. Heidi Burgess, President of the Family Guild, presented a cheque to Jonathan for $110,000 – proceeds from Hanks and other Guild programs as well as a gift for the Leighs. Artist Philip Craig was on hand to unveil his portrait of our Headmaster, much to the approval of the 270 in attendance.  Mr. Leigh’s portrait will hang amongst the former Ridley Headmaster’s and Board of Governor’s portraits in the Great Hall.

Guild President, Heidi Burgess presents cheque to Mr. Leigh

In Chapel on Tuesday, Chaplain Fr. Jason A. van Veghel-Wood presented Jonathan with an image of the new Ridley Hymn Book that a group of Ridley friends organized and funded. The new hymnal contains 150 of Ridley’s favourite hymns, the school prayers, a history of the Chapel and is organized according to the cycles of the Ridley school year. One thousand copies of the book will arrive soon – it is hoped in time for Prize Day.