Summertime Has Hit and Ridley Renovations are Well Underway!

While students are away on summer vacation, improvements are in full swing all over campus!  Currently,  I can hear the faint sound of hammering in my office as the roof of the School House Building is in the process of being replaced.

The classrooms in the McLaughlin Wing (2nd floor) of the School House Building are also being renovated and will be ready for September.  The Geography Wing renovations are complete and everything looks amazing! There are now two classrooms and another room that will be dedicated to the Learning Centre where students will go for tutoring and help with learning strategies.

Renovated Geography Wing Classroom with new desks and chairs

Renovated Learning Centre, currently showroom for uniforms - Learning Centre in September
Learning Centre Office
Renovated Geography Wing Classroom

Just to give you some perspective, the Geography wing used to be where the science labs/lecture halls were in the 1960s before the 2nd Century Building became the new home to science.













Also and this is a BIG one – The Dining Hall now has Air Conditioning capabilities for those hot days in September and the end of the school year.