Ridley College Campus Life FAQ’s – How will I Be Placed in a House?

In three weeks the Ridley College campus will be a buzz with students.  Beginning at 9am on Tuesday September 4th new students will begin moving into their houses and in the afternoon returning students will move in.

Move-in day is an exciting day for everyone on campus.  By this time you may already know what house you will live in, but if you confirmed your acceptance during the summer, you will find out later this month which house you will be living in. Although we don’t have a Harry Potter sorting hat to determine which house you will belong to, we do take care to spread out International students amongst the houses, so that they can make the most of their Canadian experience. Another goal is for equal representation of students from each grade in each house. All students attend classes together, play sports together and socialize together. There are four female houses on the Ridley College campus and five male houses.   Both the Upper School boarding and day students are directly associated with a House, so even if you are a day student you can enjoy the boarding experience.  Day students have a room and are provided with a desk.    Faculty members are also associated with a specific house and complete night duty on a rotation within the houses. This provides an opportunity for you to interact with the faculty outside of the classroom, another unique feature of the school that students appreciate.

Each house has their own colours, mascot and cheers:

Female Houses:


Gooderham East (G-East) – Green – “The Crocs”



Gooderham West (G-West) – Pink – “The Flamingos”




Mandeville – Yellow – “The Ducks”




Leonard – Red – “The Ladybugs”



Male Houses


Deans – Blue and Silver – “The Knights”




Arthur Bishop East (AB East) – Gold and Black “ABEAST”




Arthur Bishop West (AB West) – Blue and Red – “Bandits”




Merritt North (MNO) – Black and Orange – “Panthers”




Merritt South (MSO) – Orange and Black – “Strongman”



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