Ridley College Campus Life FAQ’s – Student Leadership -What is a Prefect? House Captain?

Prefects will likely be some of the first students you will meet on Orientation Day. Prefects and House Captains are senior students that have leadership roles at Ridley. House Captains are chosen at the end of September, whereas Prefects were chosen in May for the 2012-2013 school year.  There are approximately 15 female and male Grade 12 or PG students that are Prefects.  They are committed to Ridley and they subsequently uphold all its ideals and traditions.  The Prefects role is to be the voice of the student body, to be visible, approachable, encourage and foster school spirit, establish a positive tone and set a solid example in reference to student conduct and to organize events for the entire student body.  To a great extent, the Prefect group influences the atmosphere, tone and the spirit of the school.  It is an honoured position. Prefects wear a white blazer on certain occasions.

2011-2012 Prefects on Opening Day September 2011
Prefects wearing white blazers

House Captains are equally important to promoting school spirit, but particularly house spirit. They run house events, activities and sports events, put up photos and bulletin boards in the house, supervise house charities, help with new student orientation and organize Grade 9 weekend activities.

House Captain Mixing Cold Stone Ice Cream for House Dinner
Boys of Merritt North at Sports Day