Ridley College Campus Life FAQ’s- The Ridley College Language

Each school has their own culture, language and traditions and Ridley College is no exception.  There are many terms that will become familiar to you during your first couple of months at Ridley, but as you begin they may seem like a foreign language, so we are here to help!

Buildings and Places on Campus:

The Second Century Building – This building is commonly referred to as ‘2CB’.  It contains the Mandeville Theatre as well as the Science, Art, Computer and Music departments.  If you have classes in any of these subject areas you will likely attend class in the Second Century Building.

Second Century Building '2CB'

A Squad– This is the rugby/soccer/field hockey field in front of the School House Building.

Berm – The fields surrounded by a small hill near the tennis courts

BOERC– Pronounced “Bork” Burgoyne Outdoor Education and Resource Centre is a farm property owned by Ridley, above Vineland.

Co-op – This is the old name for “Hanks” the school store located below the Great Hall. This is where you will buy your uniform, books and snacks.

Double English – These are rooms 25-26 in the School House building.  There is a partition that an be opened to make these two rooms one big room.

Flats – Flats are the name for Floors (2nd flat means 2nd floor)

Front Circle – The end of the driveway in front of the School House Building.

Great Hall – This is the name for the Dining Hall

The Great Hall - Dining Hall

Hamilton House – The Gooderham West housemaster’s house

Hanks – The school store located below the Great Hall

Hog’s Back – The ravine behind the school (behind the kitchen and the infirmary)

Iggy – The Iggulden Gym- the gym with the pool in it

Infirmary – Officially named the Schmon Health Centre, many students call it the infirm. This is where you will go if you are in need of health services.

Kenyon-Lett House – The Headmaster’s home, located halfway up the middle driveway.

Lower School – Grades JK to Grade 8

Matthews Library – The Upper School Library located in the School House Building

The Matthews Library

McLaughlin Resource Centre – The Lower School Library

Quad – The open area surrounded by the Iggulden Gym, Merritt House, and Arthur Bishop House.

Ross Morrow Theatre – The theatre in School House, it is often referred to as the ‘RMT’. Drama classes and Ridley events are held in this theatre.

The Ross Morrow Theatre 'RMT'