Ridley College Campus Life FAQ’s- Activities? Sports? Community Service? Which Extra-Curricular Activities are Offered at Ridley College?:

Once you settle in at Ridley you will have an opportunity to sign up for activities, sports and community service opportunities.  In order for students to earn their Ridley College Diploma (on top of their Ontario Secondary School Diploma) students must complete the following:

1) Each student must participate in a sport or major arts activity per term. This can be either a competitive team or a ‘Sport for Life’ program.  There are many sports teams to choose from during each term: basketball, soccer, field hockey, swimming, rowing are just a sampling, for a complete list, click here (use the dropdown menu for each term to see the sports offered).    ‘Sport for Life’ could include everything from Zumba to circuit training to ultimate frisbee.

2) Each student must participate in an activity in first and in second term. If students wish to do more and their schedule allows, they are more then welcome to do so.  There are tons of activities to choose from: Admissions Assistants, Magazine/Newspaper writers, Aquarium Club, International Club, Big Brothers/Big Sisters are just a few.

Aquarium Club - Ridley College Activity

3) Each Student will participate in the Ridley College Cadet Corps during the Trinity term unless they are undertaking 3 or more AP courses.

4) Each Student must earn either their green or red star in the Cadets Programme, as well as their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh.  These programs offer great leadership and bonding opportunities with other students.

Duke of Edinburgh Camping Trip

5) Each student must complete 10 hours of community service each year. IB students must complete 50 hours of community service over the span of two years.  Community Service opportunities are posted on ‘Community News’ on your pinnacle email. Opportunities in the past have included charity runs, litter pick-up, mission trips etc.

Sports run after school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  Activities run on Thursdays and community service can take place at various times.  Activities, sports and community service allow you to try new things and meet new people and will certainly keep you busy and entertained!