Ridley College Opening Day 2012

Today students from 36 different countries arrived to move into their new home at Ridley College.  It is an exciting day filled with meeting new friends and getting acquainted with the campus.

Ridley College students arriving on campus - unpacking

Flags lined the front circle welcoming students from all over the world.  Senior students were waiting outside their houses to help new members of the house move in.

Prefects helping students register

Headmaster Mr. Ed Kidd meeting with families

Mr. Kidd met with new parents and introduced the Ridley College Leadership team:

Tonight students will meet in their houses where they will get to know their advisors and duty team, have dinner together in the Great Hall and then will come back to the house to go on campus tours and to look up their schedule for their first day of classes tomorrow.

Photos taken by Ms. Anne Kubu