Ridley College House Captains 2012-2013

Today the House Captains for the 2012-2013 school year were announced!  House Captains are a select group of Grade 12 students, appointed by the Housemaster, responsible for organizing events and assisting in the daily routines of their House. Typically, House Captains meet with their Housemaster once a week to set goals, plan House meetings, and lead community service and environmental initiatives. House Captains are responsible for the orientation of new students into the dorms and making the House feel like a home.

2012-2013 House Captains

Arthur Bishop East – Mr. G. Park

Amnan Azly

Chuma Azoba

Jacob Toms Boudreau

Jonathan Pile

Arthur Bishop West – Mr. D Darby

Brandon Bravo

Bryson Cook

Koichiro Kurata

Francois Le Roux

Luis Lopez Guzman

Andrew Park

Animesh Pattoo

Dean’s House – Mr. S. Beatty

Caleb Docherty

Raj Hemrajani

Sidney Hutton

Ramez Maximous

David Yang

Gooderham East – Ms. H. Cousins

Courtney Arseneau

Heather Petrick

Leah Rasmussen

Mirielle Theis

Gooderham West – Mrs. B. Filion

Carla Aspite Fermin

Anna Breun

Emma Hudson

Catherine Marot

Nathalie Pringle

Leonard – Ms. R. Scott

Franka Böckmann

Eliza Coffin

Jennifer Dillon

Chinekwu Osakwe

Maggie Smith

Annabel Umeh

Mandeville – Ms. S. Thompson

Alice Bachmann

Meghan Konkle

Shayda Shivafard

Marissa Steinbergs

Laura Voigtlânder

Audrey Yang

Merritt North – Mr. K. Hutton

Christian Harper

Brian Kim

Jacob Lucier

William Nicholson

Oseremhen (Ossy) Okoyomon

Jaime Pi Rodriganez

Alexander Shuren

Merritt South – Mr. B. Amyote

Jan Philip Bernius

Erik Danecker

Calen Healey

Ritchard Hoeft

Frank Li