The Day/Boarding Student Relationship

There are 319 day students and 311 boarding students who attend Ridley.  Although day students do not live on campus, our summer student Nicholas (a former day student himself) says as a day student you still get a chance to take in the boarding experience.

On my first day at Ridley I was assigned a room in Arthur Bishop West House and met my first two boarding roommates: Geno from The Bahamas and Shaneel from Brunei – both great guys! At first glance I thought I probably wouldn’t be spending much time in the house or my room because I was a day student, but within the first few days this changed.

The average room in a Ridley house is home to two boarders and one day student.  This co-existing between all three roommates is great for both boarders and day students.  Having a room on campus and boarder roommates is like having a sibling to visit with every morning and afternoon, someone to talk to, study with, and even travel with to visit their families all over the world!

boarding friends
Boarding friends and their families at my house for lunch pre-Graduation, 2012.

Being a part of a house you participate in house competitions throughout the year (everything from sports to reach trivia competitions), you also have house dinners and special events with your housemates.  There is always someone around to play soccer with or go to the mall with or to study with.

It’s always nice for boarders to have a family nearby to stay with during long weekends – a sort of home away from home. My roommate in Grade 12 would come over to my house regularly for home cooked dinners; swimming and other “family” style activities.

Bath and Nick
Me and my ABW neighbour/ honourary roommate Balthasar W. visiting his family and home in Germany during Christmas 2011.

I really encourage day and boarding roommates to get to know each other; you might find a new friend or travel buddy!