Xin Nian Hao! Happy Chinese New Year Ridleians!

We had a rousing start to the day with an assembly this morning celebrating Chinese New Year.  Both Upper and Lower School students learned about the traditions of the holiday and were treated to a Lion Dance put on by a visiting dance troupe.  The music and life-like animated movements of the lion certainly woke up any students who may have been drowsy.

Grade 12 student Jerry Shi ’14 talked about Chinese traditions and what his family usually does on the holiday, in fact he said he skyped with his parents last night while they were celebrating, so he said it was nice for him to share in some festivities with his fellow students.


Special thanks to the following parents who contributed to this event: Linda Chang & Cameron Clayton, Dr. Sou San Siao & Barbara Yu-Siao and Steven Massis & Margy Nitsopoulas-Massis.

To view more pictures from the assembly, please click here.