Rowing Coach Nancy Storrs Awarded Female Coach of the Year by Rowing Canada

StorrsNRidley College Rowing Coach Ms. Nancy Storrs was recently awarded Female Rowing Coach of the Year by Rowing Canada.  Storrs has been coaching at Ridley for 31 years.  As a rower herself Nancy is a two-time Olympian (1976, 1980), a silver medalist at the World Championships (1975), and has won numerous Canadian Henley and major regatta medals as a coach and competitor.  When asked about the award she said she owes a lot to her athletes Alison Whitty ‘12 and Madison Leitch ‘12 who helped her receive the award as it was based on results at two major regattas – they were in two of the races that won.  To Storrs the most rewarding part about coaching is the kids, “seeing their improvement and excitement with the sport, it is neat to watch kids see their own improve on water and on land.”   She always tells her rowers “do your best and have fun. It’s the people and the places that you will remember not necessarily the racing. In rowing, it’s about relationships, you are not just doing it for yourself, but for everyone in the boat – a team effort.”

Congratulations Coach Storrs!

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  1. Dear Nancy: Vesper is planning a celebration of women’s participation in the 1976 Olympic Games for the first time. The celebration will be held in January and you will receive an invitation to attend with the other Vesper women who made up the team. We are hoping you will join us. To that end, I must ask if you will share your email address with me so that I can send you the invitation. My phone number is 610-529-1312 and email Please respond at your convenience. Thanks very much.

    Joanne Wright Iverson

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