Recent Graduate Share Their Ridley Experience: Mackenzie Wiens ’14

Before our seniors graduated our summer student and Old Ridleian Nicholas ’12 interviewed a few of them about their Ridley experience. In this interview he spoke to Canadian student Mackenzie Wiens ’14.  Mackenzie was a goalie on the First Girls Hockey team, a prefect, a member of the senior choir, and a part of the first graduating class of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

1. Where is your favourite place to study on campus?
I like to study in my room in G-West, it’s always more fun (and motivating) to study with friends. I often have flatmates or just friends come to study with me. But when I need to study with someone of the opposite gender, their common room! I’ve found the MSO, has one of the greatest study areas, because their duty desk is right there, so if the teacher of the subject you need help with is on duty, it works out even better!


2. What is your greatest memory of this past year?
My birthday was memorable. For one, I spent it rehearsing for CISMF (Canadian Independent School Music Festival), which ending up being a great concert! And also due to the fact that I received a lot of nice letters from people. During stressfull times I can read those letters and they boost my morale. So I guess it’s a continual memory!

 3. What will you miss the most about Ridley?
My first thought? Breakfast, I love Ridley Breakfast. On a more serious note, I am really going to miss all close knit relationships. It’s going to be rough next year, not seeing some of the best people I’ve ever met everyday.


4. Who is your favourite faculty member?

  • Charl or Nieks or Van Nieks.
  • Amanda (Coach Wark)
  • Ms. Pak
  • Ms. Fillion
  • Doucie

All 5 of these people have been fantastic role models/mentors in my life and have taught me a lot about myself, growing up, as well as actual knowledge. All in all I think each one of these people could also be part of what I will miss the most.

5. What have you learnt from Ridley?
That’s a loaded question. I would never be able to answer that question within a reasonable space, so I’ll focus on how I feel I’ve changed (or grown) personally. I’m more knowledgable, passionate, and I would say most importantly I’ve become more compassionate. As a person, you are always looking for ways to improve yourself and to grow and I think that’s a mindset I’ve learned at Ridley.