Recent Graduates Share Their Ridley Experience: Nicholas Lam ’14

Before our seniors graduated our summer student and Old Ridleian Nicholas ’12 interviewed a few of them about their Ridley experience. In this interview he spoke to Nicholas Lam ’14 from Hong Kong.


1. Where is your favourite place to study on campus?
Outside on the fields if possible. Otherwise, in the quiet of my room.

2. What is your best memory of this past year?
Snake dance.

3. What you think you will miss the most about Ridley College? 
The community feeling. I’ll miss knowing that I can strike up a conversation with anyone on campus, or depend on someone to help me do something urgent. I’ll also miss the level of connection between staff and students (something unique to Ridley), not many times/places can a student feel respected and equal to their mentors.


4. Who is your favourite faculty member? 
I don’t have just one, but I am particularly close to those teachers who’ve taught me through my two years of IB (Mr. Dunkley, Mr. Poe, Mr. Lockey, Mr. Bowen, Ms. Corolis, Dr. Baird), my one of a kind jazz band leader Mr. Dawson, my housemasters Mr. Park and Mr. Templeman and Ms. Thompson.

5. What have you learnt from Ridley?
Patience and my limits.

6. Can you share a quote (yours or otherwise) about any aspect of Ridley/ life at Ridley (ex: academics, art, buildings, duty, history, passion, etc.)?

a) We take care of the things that are within our control. (Jason Dorland)

b) You have to trust that you’ll find more. (Jason Dorland)