Recent Graduates Share Their Ridley Experience: Bianca D. ’14

Before our seniors graduated our summer student and Old Ridleian Nicholas ’12 interviewed a few of them about their Ridley experience. In this interview he spoke to Bianca DiBellonia ’14. Bianca is from Canada. She was a part of the female rowing crew that competed at the Henley Royal Regatta in the UK, a Prefect,  a tour guide and a chapel reader. Bianca will be attending the University Iowa in the fall where she will continue to row.

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1. Where is your favourite place to study on campus?
My favorite place to study is the G-East Common Room, A History class room, or a private room in the Library.

2. What is your best memory of this past year?
My best memory of this past year, would be the basketball spirit night and the snake dance.

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3. What you think you will miss the most about Ridley?
I will miss all of the great friends and teachers that I have had the privilege of meeting.

4. Who is your favourite faculty member? 
Mr. Dunkley

5. What have you learnt from Ridley? 
Ridley has taught me independence, and has been a huge part of shaping me into the person I am today.


6. Can you share a quote (yours or otherwise) about any aspect of Ridley/ life at Ridley (ex: academics, art, buildings, duty, history, passion, etc.)?

Ridley quote “When you lose say nothing, when you win say less”

My favourite quote “If it’s to be, it’s up to me”