Get to Know Your New Prefects: McRid W.

McRid is from China and as you may have guessed his given name is not McRid.  When McRid came to Ridley College he found that many people could not pronounce his given name, so he decided to create a name from two things he loves McDonald’s and Ridley! We are flattered!! McRid is a senior student who will be a Prefect beginning in September.


1. Why did you choose Ridley over other schools?
I chose Ridley after being interviewed by Dr. Weller, he had handouts from Ridley and as I looked them over I found that the design and pictures were very welcoming and comforting, I also liked hearing about the basketball program. After coming here I realized I made a good choice, there is an international culture, the atmosphere is very open-minded, very welcoming and comforting. The boarding experience with the houses, spirit, mascots, etc. is like Hogwarts – it’s amazing! I also like the long history of traditions, it is neat being a part of a tradition/history. In China many schools are 20-40 years, Ridley is turning 125!

2. Did you feel prepared coming to Ridley?
Not at first, coming to Ridely was like a blank page, I didn’t know anyone at all. I had never been to Canada and I came directly to Ridely. However, I felt prepared in other ways I was a 5 day boarding student so I was familiar with boarding life, I had been boarding since Grade 7. I love winter and snow, so that did not bother me.

3. What are your plans for after Ridley (ex: university/ college/ gap year/ etc., what degree of study, living where, etc.)?
I will most likely end up in the United States or Ontario. I would like to study psychology and film.

4. In your opinion, what has been your greatest challenge thus far at Ridley?
I think time management has been my greatest challenge, you realize there are so many opportunities and good stuff going on, meeting new people, but you need to make time for studying.

5. What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far at Ridley?
My greatest accomplishment at Ridley has been being selected as a prefect, I feel good about myself for knowing the school well and the people in it, present and past. I have also been on two service trips (el Salvador and China).


6. Do you feel prepared going forward after Ridley?
I feel very prepared academically, and socially.

7. What is your favourite experience at Ridley (thus far) and your favourite part of Ridley? 
My favourite part about Ridley is making friends, boarding life, speaking English with everyone no matter where they’re from, spirit nights (sports), service trips. My favourite experience is camp, there are so many friends made there and it’s just fun, no work. There are also a lot of opportunities for community service long weekends, etc. so many chances to serve.

8. What have you learned from your time at Ridley?
There are too many things to say, 2.5 years made me who I am right now. Academically, Ridley offers a variety of courses that always hit on your interests with fascinating facts. As a person,  I’m more developed, independent, and well-rounded. I have time management skills and socialize with people, and know how to fit into new environments, I have learned how to break barriers.  There are many challenges that you can overcome and opportunities that come from stepping out of your comfort zone. I have also learned how to deal with problems. I had never heard of rugby, but I stepped up and played it for two years in a row (really enjoyed it), I was rookie of the year last year.

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9. Who is a role model for yourself (someone you know, celebrity, etc.)?
In terms of sport, Kevin Garnett, he is very focused, dedicated, and hardworking. Past prefects Norman, Weston, Jesus, etc. I looked up to them a lot and learned a lot from them. I am following in their footsteps. Fellow Ridleans are role models too because I always learn from everyone and see their strength and good aspects. I am always learning/developing from them.


10. Why should prospective students choose Ridley? 
Lots of students and prospective students feel the costs are very high, but the cost is nothing compared to knowledge, experience, etc. you gain from being here. They change you in a much deeper way here. It is an investment in the future that will pay all the way in the future. My first time here was Grade 9 third term, I decided to come back because I built very strong school spirit and loyalty to sports, people, etc. representing your school. I am rooted in this school, it is my home away from home now. Ridley has influenced and changed me a lot and I am very thankful for that.

11. Do you have any advice for prospective students? 
When you come here be open-minded and seize as many opportunities as possible, make good friends and smart decisions, learn to respect and appreciate things here, you have to learn to appreciate everything. Be ready to have your life changed, and be ready to appreciate it.