Get to Know Your New Prefects: Helen

1. Why did you choose to attend Ridley College?
I chose Ridley because of the tight-knit community. When I came to Ridley to tour, I immediately felt connected with the school. I felt welcomed.


2. What are your plans for after Ridley (ex: university/ college/ gap year/ etc., what degree of study, living where, etc.)? 
After Ridley, I plan to attend a university in the states. I am really interested in achieving a business degree. I love New England, so that is where I want to be after Ridley.

3. In your opinion, what has been your greatest challenge thus far at Ridley?
My greatest challenge at Ridley thus far is trying to not be social when I need to work. To frame it better, dealing with time-management. Ridley is very rigorous and structured, but you always have time for your friends. For me, it is the amount of time I give to my friends.

4. What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far at Ridley?
My greatest accomplishment thus far at Ridley would be becoming the person I am today. I have changed immensely from my grade 9 year. I took opportunities that were completely out of my comfort zone, tried new sports and traveled to different countries through Ridley.


5. Do you feel prepared going forward after Ridley? 
I am so excited to see what happens after Ridley, especially going into University. Ridley has 100% prepared me for my future. Ridley has given me all the tools to succeed in life.

6. What is your favourite experience at Ridley (thus far) and your favourite part of Ridley (chapel, rowing, etc.)? 
My favorite experience at Ridley so far was the basketball game my grade 9 year. I have never seen so much spirit at a school, especially for a high school. It is incredible to see a school come together to support each other. My favorite part of Ridley has to be chapel. Our chaplain, FJ, always gives these amazing lectures that you think about for the rest of the day or week. They stick with you and they are relatable to our lives. With every lecture, he makes you look at each experience you have with a different perspective.

7. What have you learned from your time at Ridley? 
From my time at Ridley, I have learned to be open-minded. There are so many different countries represented at Ridley. Ridley teaches you to accept different cultures while also learning about them.

8. Who is a role model for yourself (someone you know, celebrity, etc.)?         My role model is my dad. My dad went to Ridley and graduated in 1982. He has excelled in university and in life with the having the foundation of Ridley. He is my biggest supporter and my #1 fan. He gives me guidance and is always there if I need to vent. My dad is extremely motivated and is all about the detail.


9. Why should prospective students choose Ridley? 
Prospective students should choose Ridley because Ridley shapes you into the best person you could be. From our academics, athletics, extra curricular and relationships you make, Ridley helps you shape yourself into the person you want to be. Ridley has made me excel in everything I do and would make any student excel.  I have made great friends. The teachers at Ridley really do care about us. They want to help us succeed and never want to see us fail.