Welcome Ridleians – Opening Day 2014

Congratulations! Today you are a Ridleian!

Over 200 new students have made their way to Ridley and we could not be happier to welcome them! Flags lined the front entrance to make our new Ridleians, who are coming to us from all over the world, feel at home!


The day started off with orientation in the fieldhouse where students were greeted by prefects and ambassadors and were introduced to all things Ridley!


Then it was off to the individual houses for a lunch and meet and greet with new housemates, house masters and assistant heads of house.

An assembly entitled ‘Ridley 101’ gave parents and students an overview of what to expect throughout the school year.


The day ended with a cafe for the students (cafe is an evening gathering for students where they meet in the Great Hall for a snack and activities). Last night new students were introduced to some Ridley cheers: