Get To Know Your Prefects: Anita O A ’17

Introducing Anita Obiang Avomo ’17, Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.57.53 PMa boarding student from Equatorial Guinea, who learned how to flourish during her time at Ridley and now hopes to help her peers make the same discovery. Read our Q&A with Anita to learn more about this Ridley Prefect.

Why did you choose Ridley?

Choosing Ridley was a big decision for me. I was choosing from a wide array of schools in Canada. The reason Ridley stood out for me was because of the way I felt after the tour. For all of the other schools that I toured, I wasn’t nearly as excited as I was for Ridley. It had everything I was looking for and more!

Did you feel prepared coming to Ridley?

In all honestly, I didn’t really feel prepared when I arrived at Ridley. This was mostly because I didn’t know anyone and this would be my first time in a boarding school, without my parents. It was very intimidating for me, but after the first week here I felt so welcomed and ready to be a part of the community.

Who is your favourite faculty member and why?

I would have to say that my favourite faculty member has to be Mrs. Darby. She has always been there for me, to give advice and guide me in the right direction. I have always felt that I could trust her with anything I have to say and she is always there to listen.

What has been your greatest challenge thus far at Ridley?

One of my biggest challenges would have to be learning to balance all of my activities – from sports, to school work, to in-house responsibilities, to extracurriculars. All of that was very new for me because in all my old schools we didn’t really have to worry about that. It was a huge transition for me.

What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far at Ridley?

My biggest accomplishment would probably be coming out of my shell. I used to be really shy and quiet but after being at Ridley I have felt more confident and open.

What has been your favourite Ridley experience?

Camp! Camp was one of my favorite times at Ridley because we were able to break the awkward new-student tension and focus on getting to know each other and becoming closer together, while having fun with all the camp activities.


What is your favourite part of Ridley life?

My favourite part of Ridley life is being able to always be around my friends and always being able to see them.

What part of being a Prefect are you most excited for?

I am most excited to create change and motivate my fellow students to be their best selves.

How has Ridley prepared you for the future?

Ridley had taught me a lot about responsibility and hard work, which is something that I lacked before I arrived here.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan to go to university in Canada, earn a Bachelor of Science and see where life takes me.

What advice would you give prospective students about Ridley?

Make sure you are prepared for the possible workload ahead of you, but remember, it will be worth it in the end. Also, the friends you make will influence you the most, so makes sure you have a good group with you.