TOP 5: Reasons it’s Great to be an Old Ridleian

Each year, over 100 Grade 12 students walk across the stage to accept their diploma at Ridley’s Graduate Prize Day. They enter a Tiger and leave an Old Ridleian (OR). As an OR, you are connected to over 8,000 individuals, spanning the globe and travelling down many different career paths.

While each OR is entirely unique, there is one common element that binds them… Ridley College.

The campus, the people, the spirit: all leave an indelible mark on each student who attends Ridley.

Here are five reasons it’s incredible to be an OR:

1. You gain world-wide, life-long friends.

There’s no question that the community at Ridley is a diverse one, with students coming to campus from 44 countries around the world. With so much time spent on campus, in class and on the field, student connections become fortified.

2. Once a Tiger, always a Tiger.

Whether it’s a walk around campus – seeing the same red-brick buildings, hearing the chimes of the School House bells – or finding an old jersey in the closet evokes a feeling of nostalgia, it is a feeling that binds all Ridleians together.

3. You become a global citizen.

Whether a student spends one year at Ridley or ten, they have a culturally enriching experience. Upon graduation, each student leaves as a globally-minded and accepting individual.

4. The opportunities are endless.

The opportunities presented to Ridleians over the course of their education set them up for opportunities after Ridley. The lessons, the memories, the adventures all come together to prepare one for a lifetime of moments worth remembering.

5. You can always come home.

The best part about graduating, is coming back. Returning to campus and seeing what has changed is amazing, but chatting with current students is even better.