Summer Reading Promoting Positive Psychology and Grit

Professional and personal growth are important aspects of Ridley life. While our students spend the school year learning new skills, our faculty and staff are encouraged to do the same; participating in professional development and collaboration to grow as both individuals and educators.  This summer, Headmaster Kidd encouraged our faculty and staff to do a bit of summer reading, with a focus on positive psychology and grit. Here is a synopsis of both books, which you may also wish to explore.

The Strength Switch by Dr. Lea Waters

As the mental health crisis expands across the globe, it has become even more crucial that children grow up in supporting and caring environments. Ridley recognizes this important aspect of student development and ensures each child is surrounded by a network of support that encourages students to be themselves. With this in mind, Headmaster Kidd and our Learning Centre support staff selected The Strength Switch by positive psychology expert, Dr. Lea Waters as one of the summer reading recommendations.

The Strength Switch introduces parents and educators to strength-based parenting. Strength-based is a method of nurturing that focuses on enhancing each child’s strengths, as opposed to improving weaknesses. This fantastic book demonstrates how to build resilience, optimism and confidence in your child to help them succeed. From chapter to chapter, Waters provides insights into different topics, such as: interacting with your children, how to discover their strengths and talents and how to positively discuss mental health and wellness with them. These are important topics for both parents and faculty, so that our students can receive the best support possible.

Getting Grit
by Caroline Adams Miller

With one of Ridley’s strategic goals being to instill grit into each student, it comes as no surprise that Getting Grit by Caroline Adams Miller made it onto Ridley’s summer reading list. Grit is defined as a perseverance and passion for long-term goals and is key to a successful life. At Ridley, students are challenged to discover their passions at young ages and encouraged to pursue them throughout their Ridley careers. Students have the chance to practice grit through opportunities such as the Primary Years Programme Exhibition, Middle Years Programme Personal Project, International Baccalaureate Extended Essay, as well as other academic, athletic and artistic experiences.

Headmaster Kidd’s recommendation, Getting Grit aims to enhance the readers understanding of grit and provide tools to apply it in one’s life. In Miller’s book, she guides her readers through the stages of gaining grit and provides her insights on major topics, including: understanding grit, key traits of individuals with grit, gaining courage, takings risks and the role of self-compassion. It’s no surprise that this book made it on Live Happy‘s top 10 list of books that will change your life.

We encourage you to pick up one or both books and let us know what you think!