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Ridley Independent Film Festival – 3rd Annual RIFF!

Apertures, Aptitudes and Attitudes: Ridley Independent Film Festival 2011

This year’s festival showcased a collection of short films made by the students in Shelley Thomas’ Grade 12 Film Studies course.

Over the past few months, students have participated in a number of workshops to evaluate the technical and creative aspects of each other’s films, their efforts culminating in an evening of cinephilia, excitement, and felicity through film. The festival showcased an eclectic array of film styles and genres, including stop-motion photography, claymation, documentary, comedy and drama.

A number of these films have been entered in the TSFF (Toronto Student Film Festival) to be held in May 2011.  We wish our budding filmmakers well as they take their next steps in their cinematic journeys.

Enjoy the Films:

Probability- Directed by Gianni B.

I’ve Forgotten You – Directed By Owen W.

Findley – Directed by Mackenzie F.

Ana, Mia, and I – Directed by Brynn H.

The Birthday – Directed by April W. & Jonathan K.

A Lovely Silence – Directed By Briony K.

Between the Lines – Directed By Kitty C.

The Bump in the Road – Directed by Christina K.

One Bite Stand – Directed by Laura R. & Megan B.

Off the Cuff – Directed by Gianni B.

Ridley College Students Participate in – The Energy Project: Through a Young Lens

This is an image of the SkyWheel, a ferris wheel located in Niagara Falls, Ont., home of one of the world’s largest sources of hydroelectric power. "This ride entertains thousands of people all year long, as they view the waterfalls from high above," says photographer Elaine Wong. "The SkyWheel uses bright, moving lights to help create entertainment for those who ride it. The visual impact of the motion and the lights also helps to contribute to the emotional energy of a visit to Niagara Falls," she says.

The Grade 10 Media Arts students are unveiling their new photography exhibit today in the Matthews Library.  The images have been submitted to PhotoSensitive, a group of photographers who tackle social issues through black and white images.  Last year, the Grade 10 Media Arts students participated in the student version of  ‘Cancer Connections: Through a Young Lens’. This year they contributed to the student version of  The Energy Project, a photographic initiative exploring facets of energy – its production, distribution and consumption as well as aspects of our daily lives that are directly affected by energy.  The photographs will be in the library today, with the official opening reception happening Friday evening at 7:30 p.m.  The exhibit will be on display until April 8th, so be sure to check it out!

This Exit sign, small as it may look, likely uses huge amounts of electricity because it is never turned off, says photographer Emma Hudson. "Even though sometimes we take things like this for granted, we need to remember that even the smallest things that we do – like turning off the lights – are enough to make an impact."
This image captures the power and energy transferred from the player to the ice in an ice hockey stop, says photographer Nick Sproviero. "Sometimes this image would never even cross our mind when watching a hockey game because we're distracted by other things. Without this transfer of energy, the game would not be possible."

CSI: Ridley College

Grade 12 AP Biology Classes with Mr. "Bio" Bob Malyk

Mr. “Bio” Bob Malyk’s class was converted into CSI: Ridley College recently as students in the Grade 12 Advanced Placement Biology class collected DNA from “suspects” and compared it to DNA found at a “crime scene”. It was a lesson in forensic science and the students found out there is a lot more to crime scene investigating than the show leads on. Check out the video from class:

Mr. “Bio” Bob Malyk’s Innovative Science Lesson

Mr. “Bio” Bob Malyk invited me into his AP Biology class last week to watch an experiment about the Transformation of E.coli with Bioluminescence & Antibiotic Resistant Genes.  Sounds complicated right? Well, Mr. Malyk explains this in a way that it all makes sense.  He is one inventive teacher –  watch the video to see him do everything from referencing a Beyonce song to comparing a biology lab heat bath to a hot tub in order for students to understand his lesson and at the end of the experiment – glowing E.coli – keep watching!!

Published Playwright Teaches Tricks of the Trade to Ridley College English Students

Ms. Lindsay Price is visiting Ridley College this week to work with the grade 12 English students as they began to write their own original one act plays. Ms. Price is a published playwright herself and so who better to help put these fledgling writers through their paces as they explore what it is like to “write for the stage.” The students are working on warmup exercises, the idea of character, conflict and setting.  It is no doubt that Ms. Price’s advice and experience will help the students to produce some interesting and entertaining scenes later this month. The finished scripts will be recorded as “radio plays” and the best will soon be featured on Ridley Radio – . Writing in this “dramatic mode” is probably new to some of our students, and I’m sure that it is a challenge that they will no doubt embrace whole-heartedly.

Grade One Gardeners

There’s snow on the ground, but that isn’t stopping the Grade One’s from preparing their garden for the Spring. The Grade One’s in the Ridley College Lower School planted tomatoes and flower seeds in their classroom today.

The Lower School gardens are a new initiative at the school. The gardens create a more green environment around the school and also serve as an educational tool to help students learn about gardening and plants. As an added bonus, the garden yields some delicious vegetables!!

Ridleians Show Strength in Business Competition

It was a hard fought battle in virtual boardrooms across Ontario – critical business decisions were being made and equity was being built in the Sprott Business Competition today.  Gabriel Bolduc and Yoshiki Nakayama were Ridley’s titans of business making it past the initial round of 4, 900 participants – only 101 advanced.

After an intense morning, Gabriel advanced to the Semi-Finals by finishing 8th in Ontario with a total Shareholder’s Equity of $5.49 million, while Yoshiki bowed out holding his head high, having finished in 51st position in all of Ontario with Shareholder’s Equity of $3.63 million.

In the Semi-Final portion of the competition run this afternoon, Gabriel had a wild-ride, at times sitting in 18th position and then moving up to 3rd overall in Ontario. In the end, he just missed out on an invitation to Carleton University for the Final 8 by finishing 4th in his industry (The top 2 players from each of 4 industries move on to the final), yet 7th overall, due to not having enough employees and having to spend too much on over-time pay to maintain his production levels.

Speculation abounds as to whether Gabriel purposely threw away the win in order to be able to attend review day next Friday and focus more on his upcoming Gr.12 exams (Particularly Advanced Functions), with sources close to Gabriel stating that ‘he decided to pursue the most responsible course’.

Please join me in congratulating both Gabriel and Yoshiki on their achievements in a business simulation that brings the curriculum they are studying to life.

Mad Science in Mr. Bowen’s Chemistry Class

Yesterday, Mr. Bowen’s Grade 10 Chemistry class performed a series of demonstrations illustrating concepts that students have been learning in class. Each group explained the safety precautions of the demonstration as well as what we were about to see and why it was happening. Check out the video below to see what the students were up to – definitely some cool demonstrations!

New Faces on Ridley College Campus!

New faculty orientation continues today on the Ridley campus.  Faculty and staff are eagerly preparing for the beginning of the school year! This year we have a few new faces on campus. Read on to learn a bit more about our new faculty!

The following faculty will be teaching in Upper School:

Mr. Dean Templeman hails from Yorkshire, England where he attended a Sailors school – true story – he says he has the uniform to prove it.  After teaching in Saskatchewan and surviving the prairie winter, he and his family decided to move back to Ontario where he saw his dream job posting at Ridley. He is honoured to be a part of the Ridley community and is most looking forward to rugby and cadets.   He is married and has a 22 month old daughter, Mila who he swears will be the Prime Minister of Canada one day.  Mr. Templeman will be teaching in the Social Sciences department.

Mr. Andrew McNiven was born and raised in Port Dalhousie.  He has a passion for technology and will be teaching in the Social Sciences department.  He can’t wait to get involved in co-curricular activities.  He loves hockey and you may find him occasionally joining in on the cricket games in the Quad.

Ms. Jessica Round will also be teaching in the Social Sciences department.  Ms. Round comes to us from Trafalgar Castle school in Whitby.  She graduated from Queens University and went to high school at Lakefield College – but we won’t hold that against her! She is looking forward to getting to know Ridley students and being involved in sports and school events.

Ms. Suzanne Wilson is teaching Pure and Applied Sciences.  A self proclaimed “science geek” Ms. Wilson is very excited about teaching.  She grew up in St. Catharines and attended Brock University where she also graduated from Teachers College.  She is looking forward to being involved in lots of sports – anything from volleyball to basketball to baseball.

Mr. Jason Dorland is our new Director of Rowing and will be teaching a Media Arts class. He graduated from The Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver.  Mr. Dorland is an Old Ridleian, so do not try to pull a fast one on him!    He is looking forward to giving back the incredible experience that he had when he went to Ridley.  He says, “it’s surreal being back on campus… every time I hear the chimes it takes me back to when I was a teenager – it brings a smile to my face and I say yes you are here.”

The following faculty will be joining Lower School:

Ms. Marla Dagnon will be teaching Grade 5.  Ms. Dagnon is originally from Kingston and took the Outdoor Education program at Queens University, so she is excited by the prospect of getting involved with Outdoor Ed at Ridley.  She is looking forward to coaching field hockey because it is a sport she used to play. She can’t wait to meet everyone and become a part of the Ridley community.

Ms. Alexandra Lucenti is teaching kindergarten.  She has been teaching for two years and will be a familiar face to Lower School because she has done some supply teaching at the school before.  Ms. Lucenti jumped at the chance to work at Ridley and is looking forward to being involved in the Lower School skating program and musical!

Ms. Dawn Winger will be at Lower School as an Early Childhood Educator. She went to Teacher’s College in Australia and loves to travel!  She is excited to meet students from all over the world and be a part of clubs and activities. She will also be running the after school care program.

Ms. Taylor York-Ireland will be teaching Grade 2.  She is originally from St. Catharines, but has spent the last three years in the United Arab Emirates teaching Grade 2.  She had a fantastic experience teaching and traveling and will surely have some interesting stories about her experiences.  She is looking forward to joining the Ridley community and being a part of a close-knit school (her last school had five Grade 2 classes!)

We also have some new Residence Dons joining us this year: Mr. Joshua Doan for Arthur Bishop West, Mr. Michael Flynn for Dean’s House, Ms. Jessica Charbonneau for Burgoyne House, Ms. Blair Cox for Leonard House and Ms. Stephanie Richard for Gooderham East

The new faculty are all excited to meet the Ridley students!  Be sure to say hello when you see new faces on campus 🙂