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Mr. Ferraro Awarded Headmaster’s Tie

Head Master Jonathan Leigh and Mr. Lenny Ferraro

This morning in assembly, Mr. Lenny Ferraro – our athletic therapist was awarded the Headmaster’s Tie by Mr. Leigh. As some of you may know during the summer a little girl collapsed due to cardiac arrest while at a basketball camp in the Griffith Gym. Mr. Ferraro was quick to step in and help the little girl by providing CPR until the ambulance came to Ridley. Thankfully, the little girl is now out of hospital and is doing well. Mr. Ferraro’s heroic efforts were recognized this morning in front of the whole student body – take a look at the video below to see the presentation:

Ridley Athletic Therapist Uses CPR Skills to Save a Life

On July 22, I was in our athletic therapist – Lenny Ferraro’s office being treated for a sore back that I received thanks to my first bike ride in about three years! It was a routine session and Lenny and I were chatting about our weekends when all of a sudden a basketball coach from the camp in the gym burst into Lenny’s office requesting assistance.  A little girl had collapsed in the gym – without hesitation Lenny ran to the gym and within minutes he had brought the little girl back into the office and began performing CPR on her.  Lenny was calm and cool and was never rattled by the stressful situation.  For six years he has been training Ridley staff and faculty in CPR (CPR classes are mandatory for all Ridley faculty and staff), but he has never had to use it on someone in need.  I am happy to say that the eight year old girl who suffered a heart attack is now home safely and as someone who witnessed his heroic efforts I cannot stress the importance of knowing CPR and I will surely be attending the next session that Lenny teaches.  To read the full article from the St. Catharines Standard click here.