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Ridley College Athletes Find Balance

When you think about yoga, you might not picture basketball players, hockey players or rowers doing a downward dog, but this isn’t the case at Ridley College.  On Thursdays during activity time these Ridley athletes are doing yoga in the exercise room below the Griffith Gym.

Warm-up Pose - lengthens the spine and increases flexibility in hips

It is a regenerative component to their athletic program.  Besides, who wouldn’t enjoy an hour of stretching and relaxing breathing exercises after a grueling week of sports, and school stress? Yoga is a great way to clear your head and find inner balance. But this is not the only benefit these athletes may gain; range of motion can increase, which can help in competition.  Mr. DeVellis initiated the idea of yoga for athletes and he says one of the most important things the athletes can get out of yoga is the ability to listen to their body, it is an important life lesson, and one that these athletes will hopefully take with them throughout life.

Ridley College students stretch in child's pose

Today, I observed the yoga class and as the minutes went on, more and more exhausting faces could be seen, trying to stretch the hamstrings just a bit more doing the downward facing dog pose.

Our athletes facing the challenge of the downward dog pose

Not many of our athletes had tried yoga before, and initially they were curious and insecure, but they have embraced it over time and many have indicated how great they feel afterwards.  They are more resilient, have better control of their body and mind- and who knows? Maybe, by the end of the season they might be able to turn their body into a human pretzel.

Ridley athletes trying to find their balance in yoga class

Content contributed by Anna B. ’12

How to become a Writer with the help of Ms. Wright

It’s not just a coincidence, guest speaker, Ms. Wright actually is a writer.  Ms. Heather Wright, published author and teacher of writing at Conestoga College visited Grade 11 English classes today to answer questions from students and to provide insight into freelance writing as a career.  She also taught a lesson on writing dialogue.

Ms. Wright in Mr. Baird's Grade 11 English Class

Ms. Wright was an English teacher at various high schools for a number of years (she even taught Ms. Scott and taught with Mr. Beatty and Mr. Leach) and always did freelance writing on the side, but six years ago she decided to make a full-time career out of it.  She is a ‘generalist’ and writes everything from magazine articles and short stories to website content and text books.  Her advice to those students interested in becoming freelance writers is to look for any and all opportunities to write and market yourself – get your name out there and show people what you can do. When writing dialogue she encouraged students to show the reader the movie that you see when you are writing and to make sure that it moves the story along.  For more tips on writing fiction, click here.
And for more information on Ms. Wright visit: http://wrightwriter.com/

Ridley College Upper School Cross Country Race

Every year Ridley College holds a Cross Country race for all Upper School students.  It’s the longest-standing sporting event at the school.

Start of Senior Boys Race

The race was held yesterday and we could not have asked for better weather- what a beautiful fall day!  Some of our faculty members were reminiscing about when they were students at Ridley and ran the race.  One said it snowed his last race and another said her classmates would hose down the hogs back – the hill behind the school, so it would be muddy and slippery to climb – one might say the students had it easy yesterday!!

Winners of the Senior Girls Race
Mr. Templeman and Mr. Martinez Final Dash Towards the Finish Line

To view more pictures from the Cross Country race click here!

Ridley College Senior Girls Cross Country Team Competes in OFSAA

Senior Girls Cross Country OFSAA Qualifiers

The senior girls Cross Country team travelled to Ottawa this weekend for OFSAA. It was a beautiful sunny day, little wind and about 8˚C, pretty awesome for November in the Nations Capital. The girls faced tough competition but ran well, 3 of the team members had been brought up from Junior to run as a Senior team. (5 km distance). There were 246 runners in the senior girls race. The results for our girls are as follows:

Sara I: 105th 22:04
Heather P: 125th 22:30
Madi M: 151st 22:55
Jacqueline O: 167th 23:15
Olivia K: 185th 23:37

The Ridley team placed 23rd out of 39 teams.