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OFSAA Girls’ ‘A’ Basketball Championship Begins Tomorrow at Ridley!!

Sixteen girls’ basketball teams will descend on the Ridley College campus tomorrow for the OFSAA ‘A’ Basketball Championship.  The tournament will go until Saturday.  Come to campus to watch the games or watch through livestream on your computer (photos will also be uploaded to our OFSAA site):


On Wednesday night there will be a skills competition.  Ainsely will represent Ridley in the Three-Point Shooting Contest and Franziska, Laura and Leonie will compete as a team in the Spot Shooting Showdown.  Ridley’s first game will be Thursday night at 6pm against Monseigneur-Bryere from London, Ontario in the Griffith Gym

Making Knee Joints in Ridley College Exercise Science Class

Today I was in Ms. Corolis’s Exercise Science class where students are working on their major project for the year.  The students are creating a working knee joint with materials of their choice. They need to include the five bone structures and nine soft tissue structures that make up the knee joint. I saw everything from styrofoam to plasticine to cardboard tubes- really neat what the students came up with to display the bones, tendons, ligaments, menuscus and membrane that make our knee joint work:

Alison W. with knee project
Students working on knee joint project in Exercise Science Class
Candice K. works on knee joint project
Allie M. with knee joint project

FACT from today’s class: The knee joint has been classified as a modified hinge joint because it was, at one time, considered to be responsible only for flexion and extension. The knee joint has the ability to slightly rotate the leg medially and laterally, classifying it more precisely as a modified ellipsoid joint.

Ridley Students Travel to Ottawa for Remembrance Day Ceremonies

Ayoub Zubairi and Andrew Park with Dr. Kavanagh, founder of Operation Veteran

Two Ridley College students travelled to Ottawa with Ms. Roud for a special Remembrance Day experience. Andrew Park ’13 and Ayoub Zubairi ’12 participated in Remembrance Day ceremonies on Parliament Hill with 250 other students from across Canada as part of a program called Operation Veteran.  They attended the ceremonies at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, met with Veterans, and explored artifacts in the war museum. Operation Veteran is a program that helps raise money to provide hot meals for veterans who visit the Canadian War Museum and brings children to Ottawa for Remembrance Day. This is the first year that Ridley College has participated in Operation Veteran.  Zubairi and Park were interviewed by Global News about what they thought about the experience, “Just because time goes by doesn’t make it any less significant,” said 17-year-old Ayoub Zubairi, who attends Ridley College in St. Catherine’s, ON. “Just because what they did was before we were alive doesn’t mean it wasn’t for us.” Zubairi’s classmate, Andrew Park, said the service motivated him to go home and get more involved in Remembrance activities in his own city. “It makes you really proud to be Canadian and all we can be proud of,” he said. “I don’t think I’ll look at a Remembrance Day service the same way I used to.” To read complete article on Global News, click the link: Global News | A new generation remembers Canada’s heroes

Remembrance Day – Ridley Remembers

Today students gathered in the Memorial Chapel for Remembrance Day.  It’s a fitting place for the ceremony as the chapel is a memorial to 61 Old Ridleians that fought and died in WW I.

For students this is a day to reflect, to hear the names of 144 Ridleians who were killed during WWI & WWII and to remember that these Ridleians, who weren’t that much older than they are now, went on to become soldiers. They walked the same halls that the students walk now and lived in the same houses. They fought and died so we could be free. Lest we forget.

To view more pictures from today, click here.

Ridley College Upper School Cross Country Race

Every year Ridley College holds a Cross Country race for all Upper School students.  It’s the longest-standing sporting event at the school.

Start of Senior Boys Race

The race was held yesterday and we could not have asked for better weather- what a beautiful fall day!  Some of our faculty members were reminiscing about when they were students at Ridley and ran the race.  One said it snowed his last race and another said her classmates would hose down the hogs back – the hill behind the school, so it would be muddy and slippery to climb – one might say the students had it easy yesterday!!

Winners of the Senior Girls Race
Mr. Templeman and Mr. Martinez Final Dash Towards the Finish Line

To view more pictures from the Cross Country race click here!

Ridley Students Show at Royal Winter Fair

Faith B. ’18 competed in the small pony hunter division and Sabrina M. ’15 compete in the TD Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair this past weekend. Faith placed in the top 10 in the Small Pony Hunter Dvision in all her classes – her best ribbon was a 3rd in the Stake class.

Sabrina M. represented the Niagara North 4-H Club. Showing a Holstein heifer Devans Denzel Angela, she qualified to show at the Royal in the TD Canada Trust 4-H Dairy Classic – Showmanship Finals by attending smaller shows and fairs thoughout the summer and fall.

Signs of Fall – Ridley College Campus

Today is a beautiful day at Ridley College. The leaves are beginning to change colour on the many trees around campus and a few are started to loose their leaves. Fall is a wonderful season in Canada – vibrant colours surround us and there is just a slight nip in the air – enjoy the nice fall weather Ridleians!

Ridley College, Canadian boarding school, independent school, Fall weather
Marriott Gates
Ridley College, school house building, canadian independent school
Leaves Changing Colour in Front of School House
Ridley College, Merritt House, canadian independent school, boys boarding house
Merritt House
Ridley College, lower school, canadian independent school, private school
Leaves Falling
Ridley College, memorial chapel, canadian independent school, private school, Fall weather, leaves changing colour
Ridley College Memorial Chapel